Carrie Love is a celebration of empowered women. It’s about selflove that brings unimaginable power and creates internal peace. It’s about celebrating the different ways that we do, what we do. Carrie is a name of great significance. It was the name of my Great Grandmother. Lovingly, to me, she is simply grandma.

Born in 1903, she embodied the essence of a queen, taking the reigns in a time where the world didn’t accept her existence or strength. Grandma was outspoken with a presence that was undeniable. She pulled no punches, played no games but always made it clear it was done out of love. She was a pillar in the community, known for helping everyone that she could.

She ensured that our family stayed intact, nurturing while reigning with a matriarchal air. What is the driving force behind this company? It is my desire for women to experience Grandma’s self-love. A woman’s self-love manifests as empowerment. You deserve to experience the level of unequivocal power that’s inside of you. You deserve to boastfully speak on what makes you such a baddie! Our products are a physical reminder to always be unapologetically YOU. Celebrate YOUR story.

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