Girl Around the World
  Featured Charms: Camera Airplane Laptop Globe Suitcase   Materials: Bangle: Stainless Steel Charms: Zinc Alloy Plating: Silver/Antique Silver Enamel: Various Colors
Coffee Connoisseur
Coffee Lovers unite! Filled with gorgeous charms, this gem is for you. Cheers, to this bracelet bringing you a "latte" joy.   Featured Charms: To-Go style coffee cup Coffee is Always a Good Idea Bag of Coffee Beans Cup &...
Water Baby
Whether it's relaxing on the beach, surfing the waves or simply basking in the backyard pool, this "Water Baby" never misses the chance to enjoy her favorite past time, being in or near the water.    Featured Charms: Starfish Seashell...
She has children from many different homes. She provides compassion & practices patience in the presence of daily challenges. This bracelet is dedicated to our everyday heroes, our educators. Thank you for all that you do.   Featured Charms: Pencil...
Wine Me Please
How do you prefer your wine? Red and Dry? Possible White and Sweet. Well, never fear! One thing is for sure. This bracelet will have you on "Cloud Wine."   Featured Charms: Grapes Wine Glass Wine Barrel Winged Corkscrew  ...
Miss Priss
Blush, gloss, foundation...oh my! This sharp lady is nothing short of well put together. She is a Miss Priss.   Featured Charms: Stiletto Heel Nail polish Handbag (Purse) Sunglasses Blow Dryer Vintage Perfume Bottle   Materials: Charms: Zinc Alloy Bracelet:...
Sports Fanatic
She’s a runner. She’s a track star!  Whether she cheered from the stands or dominated on the court, one thing is for sure! Don't you dare stand in her way when the game is about to start! She is a...
Magical Medical
Not all superheroes wear capes. Some are known as front line workers. Dedicated to the public servants of the medical field. From CNAs, Office Managers to Anesthesiologists, we salute you!   Featured Charms: Needle Band-Aid Hospital Stethoscope Thermometer Caduceus symbol...
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