3-Ways to Summon your Inner Peace Goddess

1. Full control...release it.
You will never have full control of everything, never. 
An empowered woman works to obtain what she desires.
Indeed, she is deserving of her heart’s desires. 
An empowered woman also knows that all battles are unworthy of her reign. 

Reign wisely queen or succumb to battles that you yourself have turned into wars. 

2. Understand that life is 90% what happens and 10% how you react to it. 
Hindsight can be a great teacher.
How many times have you looked back at a scenario and thought:
-how much faster would I have healed, had I let go sooner?
-how much more evolved would I be, had I chosen to think positively?
- Would the situation have been less volatile had I used de-escalating techniques?
Maybe you are realizing that utilizing coping mechanisms would have changed a past situation drastically. Take a second to revisit past experiences.
Now breathe. You are okay. You are not perfect, and you have never claimed to be. What you are, however, is wiser. Use these past instances to self-reflect, then rebuild yourself. You will quickly see how your reaction has contributed to a situation. Always remember, that life’s battles are easier when your reaction seeks to improve the situation.

3. Drink Water. Partake in Fitness. Mind Your Business. (Seriously)
I know. I know. Queue the health is wealth talk but sorry (not sorry).
We’ve got to be truthful. These things done on a regular basis makes a huge difference.  Increase your energy level. Flush the toxins out of your body that are slowing you down. Keep your mind agile by keeping the body going. 
During fitness the blood flow to the brain increases, leaving you with more exposure to oxygen, nutrients and in the end, more neurons in the brains.

 Lastly but not least, mind your business, specifically your babies and the business that pays you!  Stress is a leading killer. Life is guaranteed to throw you a stress ball occasionally. Why voluntarily add to it?
 A peaceful life is the best life.

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