You. Are. The. One

Life is downright unfair at times. Between the heartbreaks, disappointments, and the simple struggle to make it through some days, life gives us lots of “Fuck it” moments.” 
There are times where we don’t know if we’re coming or going, but here’s the truth.
What truth you ask? 
THE TRUTH. My truth. Your truth. Our truth.
That truth is that you are the one.
Your parents may have failed you; your partner may have hurt you and several times, life has broken you, but you don’t get to stay down. 
You are the one that is going to give yourself a beautiful life.
 You are the one that makes the firm decision day after day to keep going. 
You are the reason that you have made it this far. 
You. Are. The. One.
You are your healer, provider, nurturer, and best asset. 
You are wise enough to accept these things when given from another in love but make no mistake, you are the one. 
 Before anyone else...
 Before any outside need, all power stems from you.
 You are the being that sources your beautiful life. 
You are the one.

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